ŔHAT with a new single! The song is called “There” and it is from the band’s new album. The single was presented last month (October) in the bulgarian radio stations and it achieved a big success. The new album of the band is expected to come into the market in 2009.
The big national tour of AHAT continues! The band is going to give a concert in October 26, 2007 (Thursday) in Samokov.
The official promotion of the new CD of AHAT was carried out yesterday (September 18, 2007). The album is called “Golden Rock Tour 2004” and collects the best songs of the band, played and recorded during the national tour in 2004. The promotion was in club “Chill out” in Sofia and it was accompanied by pleasant emotions, atmosphere and naturally good music.
AHAT go on tour. The tour starts in August 28 and finishes in September 30, 2007. It is organized in occasion of the new live album of the band, which will be on the market since August 15. The dates of the concerts are: August 28, Varna, Summer Theatre; August 29, Bourgas, Summer theatre; September 27, Sofia, Universiada Hall; September 29, Pazardjik, Pazardjik Stadium;September 30, Blagoevgrad. The concerts will start at 20:00h. Tickets can be bought since August 6, 2007 from the ticket-offices of “Ticketpro”, online or The National palace of culture.
On June 15, 2007 AHAT are going to play in Shumen. The concert is going to be in the central square of the town in the late afternoon.
ŔHAT will open for Iron Maiden! The band received a confirmation for its participation in the concert of the world-famous band Iron Maiden. The concert will be on June 4, in the “Lokomotiv” stadium in Sofia.
AHAT are in studio! The next week (March 26, 2007) the band is going to record 3 songs in the studio of BNT. It makes the start with the records for the new long-awaited album of the band.
One more British band is going to remix “The black sheep”!!! Their name is Radioclit and they caused a sensation in London. After Howie B, they are going to be the second to remix the song.
The famous DJ and producer Howie B is going to remix “The black sheep” of AHAT! The project is called Switched ON! UK-BG remix session and it is organized by The British Council and DS Music on the occasion of Bulgarian entrance in EU. The idea for this project is about European future and collaboration. The premiere will be on February 24, 2007 in Party Centre 4km, in Sofia, at 22h.
The DVD from the concert of AHAT, Era and Konkurent is on the market!!! It is spread in the musical shops from January 2007. The concert was in June 2006 in the legendary “Universiada” hall and it was on the occasion of the 20-year anniversary of these Bulgarian rock bands.
At the end of the year the band gathered in Jury’s studio and started recording new material. AHAT decided to record as many songs as they can and after an audition to choose 10 of them for the new album. For more information follow the news in the site, because this year the band has a lot to do!
AHAT have recorded a new song dedicated to the entrance of Bulgaria in EU. It will be played on all European countries’ radio stations. The song is entitled “United”. The music is written by Ognian Ivanov, the arrangement - by AHAT and the text – by Zvezdi and Ognian. The song will have an official premiere on the Bulgarian radio stations, when it has a Bulgarian text.
The new DVD of AHAT is on the market! It was recorded during the 2003 tour and was entitled “The March 2003”. The band is now working on a live CD, which will be released in 2007. The CD will include performances from different concerts and reveals the band in their best.
In November 2006 the mayor of Kavarna called AHAT with an offer – to take part in the New Year’s program of Kavarna and to open before Ronnie James Dio. 1-2 weeks before the event AHAT started working in the new studio, which Jury Kotzev rented out in Balkanton. The concert on December 31, 2006 was great. AHAT played 1 hour. After the concert Zvezdi’s dream came true. He met and spoke about half an hour with Ronnie James Dio. They decided regularly to keep in touch with each other.
On September 14, 2006 AHAT took part in the feasts on the occasion of the 1900-year anniversary of Silistra. The invitation was from the municipality of the city. The show and the audience were great! AHAT were pleased with the conditions during their two-day stay. The band has deep descent in Silistra, because Tonto was born there. In 1987 – 1988 AHAT also played there on the New Year’s celebrations.
In the summer of 2006 AHAT made a rest. Everybody took up with some personal business.
In the beginning of 2006, AHAT took part for the first time in a motor festival! It was in Troyan and was organized by Naiden Naidenov and the club of “Motomania” magazine. On the fest participated many other clubs – Riders (Iambol), Vagabonds (Plovdiv), Black roses (Kazanlak) etc. AHAT were very pleased with the accommodation. The concert was great and the audience – incredible! It was obviously that ones of the biggest rock fans were motormen. The whole city, everybody was on that concert. The band performed 1 hour and the atmosphere was great. After AHAT the band “Angels” went on stage and played AC/DC
Two days after the concert in “Universiada” hall, Kavarna gathered all rock fans again. On June 30, 2006 there was a concert of The Cult. AHAT, Control and other bands opened it. The organizer was Joker Media. AHAT played 3 songs – “The axe”, “Device” and “The black sheep”. After the gig a part of the band celebrated July morning on the beach. On the next day the mayor of Kavarna Tzonko Tzonev offered to AHAT to open before Whitesnake, but the band refused, because of Denis’ impossibility to be in Bulgaria.
On June 28, 2006 there was a concert in the legendary “Universiada” hall. The bands Era, Konkurent and AXAT celebrated their 20-year anniversary. The “Universiada” hall was chosen, because in the 80’s the biggest rock concerts were made there. AHAT played their biggest rock songs. The result was a mighty explosion of rock!
The first concert of AHAT for this year (2006) was on May 11. It was in Lovech for the city feast. The band opened before the legendary Uriah Heep. The concert was organized by the municipality of Lovech and THC and it was a part of the 5 days long festival - Lovech Rock Fest. The festival included many concerts – there were bands like Sweet, Slade, Smokie, Opus, Nazareth. Zvezdi said: “The audience was incredible! The whole city was in the square. There were also a lot of fans, coming from everywhere in Bulgaria. Denis hadn’t slept for 40 hours, because he had traveled the destination Florida – Sofia – Lovech. Despite all, he came on time and everything was perfect.” On the concert AHAT played about an hour. The most famous and legendary songs were in the set list. After the gig of AHAT the evening continued with the concert of Uriah Heep.
In 2005 the band took a rest. The members started traveling abroad and doing their personal business. The only event that AHAT accepted with pleasure and honour was the opening for Black Sabbath. The concert was on June 23, 2005 in “Lokomotiv” stadium in Sofia. The event shook the country! The titans from Black Sabbath, at the head with Ozzy Osbourne blew up Sofia. Especially for the concert Denis came back from London.
In December 2004, AHAT took part in the concert, dedicated to the 50-year anniversary of Bulgarian Rock music. On the stage also played D2, Tangra, The Crickets, Vasko the Patch etc. There Zvezdi sang for the first time after his vocal cords operation.
At the end of 2004, AHAT took part in the concert, dedicated to the anniversary of the band The Crickets. The band played in reduced strength. Zvezdi played the bass, because Denis didn’t manage to come back to Bulgaria. AHAT performed “On the verge” – their favourite song of The Crickets.
The media tour continues! In Saturday, July 3, 2004, at 16h Denis, Kiril Marichkov and Kolio the Gilan are going to present the Bulgarian TOP 100 on BTV. Watch a special material about the tour of AHAT, The Crickets and Control at 23h in Krechetalo on NTV this Sunday (July 4).
“We are metal heads, but sometimes we also wake up early!” Watch on Monday, June 28, 2004, at 9h the morning broadcast of BTV. Denis and Kiril Marichkov are going to share details about the upcoming tour. In the evening AHAT will be guests in the “Slavi Show”. Don’t forget!
Honda 1000 RP Fireblade is the beastlike machine, which Toni Hadad has brought! The motorcycle is the most expensive machine on this year’s show-room, but on it there is s plate saying “Sold”. Max Biaggi is competing with the same motorcycle, but the motor is 500 cc less. Toni will buy all motorcycle’s attributes soon. He wants proudly to compete with Denis’ Harley Davidson on Bulgarian roads during the summer tour. The tour includes concerts in 12 cities in Bulgaria. You can see the exact dates, cities and stadiums here soon! We forgot to tell, that the speed of the motorcycle is factory limited to 300km/h!!! Toni’s motorcycle you can see if you click here
Important for all the fans! This Monday, June 28, 2004, AXAT will be special guests in “Slavi Show” on BTV. The participation of AHAT starts at 23h. Enjoy!
The summer tour of AHAT is coming on!!! Especially for the tour Denis has bought a Harley Davidson. The bass player can be seen in Sofia, driving his new motorcycle, instead of driving his limo Mercedes! The monster Harley Davidson will be Denis’ vehicle during the upcoming tour. Details about the tour you can find here soon! If you hear a motorcycle rumble in your city, AHAT have come. If you want to see some pictures click here
Today, June 3, Zvezdi has a birthday. Happy birthday from www.axat.net!!! If you want to congratulate the biggest voice in Bulgaria – do it on zvezdi@axat.net. Cheers!!!
In the Gallery can be seen some pictures from the “Made in USA” promotion, which was on May 19.
On May 19, 2004 the long-awaited album “Made in USA” will be on the market. The legendary album, recorded from June till July 1999 in USA will be released on a multimedia CD, MC, VHS and DVD. The album was recorded in studio “Greg Pike Production” in Altamonte Springs/ Florida. The sound-engineer was Daren Shnider, who had been worked on the last 4 Deep Purple albums (he also had produced 3 of them together with Roger Glover). The recordings were mixed in “Transcontinental Studio” in Orlando/ Florida (a modern studio complex, which works with one of the most expensive projects in USA like Backstreet Boys). The instruments were rented out from a company, specialized in “backline” equipment. Some of the instruments they used were John Lord’s (Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Rainbow) Hammond organ and Ian Paice’s drums. The album was mastered by George Marino in August 1999 in “Sterling Sound Studio” in New York. The recording of the album is the largest investment made by a Bulgarian music producer – this part of the project costs over 200,000$!!! In the beginning of the summer AHAT are expected to make a big national tour (in more than 10 cities) and to present the songs from the album “Made in USA”. The promotion of the CD, MC, VHS and DVD will be on May 19, in Mountain View Village – a private complex in the foot of Vitosha. If you want to be there, write us on info@axat.net.
The full version of the movie “Made in USA” will be presented on March 15, 2004 at 16h in the “Cinema home” in Sofia during the “Sofia Film Fest”. The movie “Made in USA” contains all 10 songs of the same name album. It is 53 minutes long. The director is Magardich Halvadjian, operator – Silvester Jordanov, producer – Harbour Island Records. We all know how a rock band looks on a stage. Some broadcasts show us how it is in a studio. But what happens on a rehearsal, where the songs are created? “Made in USA” is a movie about AXAT, about one day of their lives, about a rehearsal. The cameras are situated at random in the studio. We can hear the songs, listen to the bands’ conversations. The album and the movie “Made in USA” will be on the market in April 2004. The movie will be released on DVD and VHS. This is going to be the first DVD of a Bulgarian rock band. Come and see the movie with us!
From January 14 till January 18, 2004 MM TV shows the new video of AHAT “You are nothing but a dream”. The song is the first single and the first video from the new album “Made in USA”, which is going to be on the market in April 2004. The director is Magi Halvadjian (Global Films). The video “You are nothing but a dream” is about a real story. This is the story of Diliana Shopova (18) and Liubomir Popov (19) from Sofia. In the spring of 2003, Diliana called the broadcast of Global Films and BTV “Sea of love” with a request – she wanted to make a dream of her boyfriend Liubo come true – to be a pilot. This is a non-standard way of saying that she loves him. He wanted to thank her, so he called the same broadcast and surprised her with her favourite band AHAT, playing a song just for her. They played the ballad “You are nothing but a dream” and she started crying of happiness. The story is real, romantic and genuine. You can find some pictures here in the Gallery.
“You are nothing but a dream” is the song from the album of AHAT “Made in USA”, which is going to be filmed soon. Magi Halvadjian will be the director. The video will contain sequences from the movie “Made in USA”. The movie is 55 minutes long and contains all 10 songs from the album. Magi’s company “Global films” has made also the movie for the album. Its first show was on September 27, 2003 in “Hristo Botev” hall before the concert of AHAT in Sofia. “You are nothing but a dream” will be the first video from the album “Made in USA”. The album will be on the market soon on CD, MC, DVD and VHS.
We have added several old pictures in the Gallery. These photos were made at the end of the 80’s and were taken from Stoian Grebenarov and Ognian Angelov – famous photographers at that time (OA Heavy Photo Band). You can see the old pictures here.
Happy Birthday, Tontoooooo! Today, October 20, Tonto has a birthday. Congratulations from everybody in Harbour Island Records, many kisses from our lawyer and Cheers! You may greet him on tonto@axat.net.
The band is in studio! On October 9, 2003 AHAT went to their studio and started recording their classic, but unpublished songs. They recorded “New Life”, “The King Rock” and “Ambition”. These and more unpublished songs will be included in the new album, which is going to be on the market in 2004.
MM TV and the company of AHAT Harbour Island Records have signed an advertisement contract. This is the first contract, which MM TV signs with a music company after the agreement with the association of the music producers and performers in Bulgaria. This allows wide popularization of the company’s products on MM TV. The television and Harbour Island Records made the first step towards world standards in this sphere. “That make the start of the real show business in Bulgaria” – this is the official announcement of MM TV.
The new video of AHAT “The Tree” broadcasts first-run from September 22 on MM TV and M2. From September 22, till September 28, the video can be seen exclusively in the heading “Quick Start”. The premiere of the video was in the broadcast for extreme music “Fracture”, hosted by Vasko Katincharov. The video was shot on a film reel and it was directed and operated by Vasil Stefanov. The video is a beautiful fairy tail, which treats the history of the song in a non-standard way. Especially for the video the song is re-released. The new re-recorded version 2003 will be on TV and radio soon.
Read about AHAT! In the last, 71st issue of RHYTHM magazine you can read more details about the summer tour of AHAT. The article is entitled “ON THE ROAD AGAIN” and contains a lot of details about the concerts in Bourgas, Stara Zagora, Dobrich and Varna. The author is Iliana Boicheva and Elena Nenkova – the photographer. Part of the pictures you can see here
One more song from the great album “The March” is going to be filmed. The band has chosen “The Tree”. AHAT learned the dates for the shooting an hour or so after their concert in Stara Zagora. The video will be shot on August 5 and 6, and the director will be Vasil Stefanov. Expect more details about the video soon!
Over 10,000 people attended the concert of Whitesnake at the first evening of Arena Music Festival on June 14, 2003. The opening of this concert was done by Ahat. They were the best suited group for this event. One month before their summer tour the rock-dinosaurs from Ahat were in excellent shape and form and electrified the public with a 30 minutes set. Ahat didn't play any concerts since their opening for Deep Purple in fall of 1988. This time the group started with easy playful introduction and then crashed the fans with "The Axe", "Fiery Souls", "The Tree", "Monolog" and"The Black Sheep". Ahat did not simply play, they actually blew up the public in pieces. Their performance reminded everybody, that they are one of the most serious groups for live concerts in Bulgaria and Ahat confirmed this in the best possible way. The applauses came long after the band was gone from the scene. "We are waiting to see you in our summer tour" said Zvezdi in return. With this he officially announced the group's decision to play this summer.
MAGI HALVADJAN made a movie for AHAT. The shootings took two days and they show the album "Made in USA" of the legendary group. The movie was made in American studios in Altamonte Springs and Orlando, Florida and New York City. It is the same studios used by the rock idols from Deep Purple. They are 10 songs in this album, all done in English language. Instead of making video clip for each song, Zvezdi, Denis, Juri, Toni and Tonto decided to make a complete movie of the album. Actual shootings were done in the real estate village, which Denis developed in Pancharevo area. The idea was to make the kind of Unplugged version of the album, showing the group working in their own studio, after which members relax in the close by swimming pool, having pizza later on. The first day of shooting lasted until 2 o'clock in the morning. Next day all together swam in the pool, making first jumps with clothes on. "Made in USA" will be available on audio cassette, video cassette, CD and DVD late this summer.