Though not too rich in archive data, the chronicles of Bulgarian rock'n'roll keep ŕ distinctive memory about the road traveled by couple of long-haired lads, who had chosen the short name of the semi-precious stone.

"Officially" the band was formed in 1986 in Sofia by a bunch of talented college students:

Zvezomir Keremidchiev - vocals;
Bojidar Glavev - guitars;
Antoine Hadad - guitars;
Antony Gueorgiev - keyboards;
Ivailo Petrov - bass and
Jury Kotzev - drums.

A year later - in 1987 - Daniel Rizov replaces Ivailo on bass and the group shapes its' stable line-up to march towards success through darkness, dust and cold.

The first documented gig of AXAT is on December 22, 1986. It's followed by numerous loud and triumphant performances at rock festivals and big and small stages all over the country. The band quickly establishes its name as the leader of Bulgarian heavy rock and their fan base expands like an avalanche.

In 1988 AXAT record their super hit "The Black Sheep", which is the signature track of Bulgarian heavy metal up to this day.
After the illusions of the "new era" failed in ashes, AXAT became one of the first bands with enough courage and skills to emerge from the local scene and go out to play in Western Europe. Their tour in Netherlands in the middle of the 90-ies was a sensation in its time, although today the guys refer to it mostly with beer jokes and good-hearted irony.

The international "map" of AXAT's quests includes, except Netherlands, as well Russia, Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Austria and, of course, "the land of the free, home of the brave"

Meanwhile Bojidar Glavev abandons the rock guitar and finds peace and spiritual harmony in religion. For the rest of the gang comes the time for... "adventures across the Atlantic". First, the singer Zvezdi explores his luck in USA, but eventually comes back to Bulgaria for good. Then Denis produces the biggest AXAT project ever - recording of a long play album in the infamous studios in Orlando, Florida, the shrine that is the recent base of Deep Purple! During the two unforgettable live shows of Purple in Sofia AXAT also got the historical chance to share the same stage with their idols - and this turns out to be the key point in their decision to re-activate the band in the new millennium.
From now on for AXAT - as Denis likes to put it - "everything happens in future tense". Tours, new releases, maybe… brand new songs and recording sessions.

Long Live Rock'n'Roll